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New iOS App

29.11.2020 21:48 #1
Is this ever going to be sorted out? I’ve used mobile banking for years and since this new app arrived all I’ve ever seen is an animated circle with “running security checks” under it. For a company your size it shouldn’t be that hard to have a functioning app.
29.11.2020 21:55 #2
And after a couple of attempts, with the correct pin I have used for years, I’m getting texts saying you’ll lock my account after another failed attempt. Sort yourselves out, this is an absolutely joke of a service. Especially when I’m paying so much for it now.
30.11.2020 11:20 #3
Hi ReginaldSmythV,

Thanks for reaching out to us here today on

We're sorry to hear you're experiencing difficulty with our new app. To check this, it would be best to link in with our Mobile app team on 0818200362. One of our colleagues will be happy to look into this further for you.

Please don't hesitate to get back in touch if we can help with anything else. 

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