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Blocked account

28.11.2020 11:51 #1
Hi I logged into my online banking and typed in my 6 digit code and it said my account was blocked the details I typed in are right and I can’t contact anyone as all the services are closed now so how can I fix this as I need my account thank you
28.11.2020 12:01 #2
Hi Niamh, thanks for getting in touch with us here on 

If your mobile app has been blocked then you should still have one pin try remaining by logging on to through a web browser. 

Once you’ve logged on there successfully then your app should be unblocked. 

Alternatively you can certainly contact our Mobile App Team on 0818200362 and one of my colleagues should be able to assist you with this further. 

This team is available today until 4pm. 

I hope this information helps. If there’s anything else we can help you with please don’t hesitate to get back in touch with us here. 

Thanks, Eve 
28.11.2020 12:03 #3
I tried to log into my online the 3 times and online and it didn’t seem to work
30.11.2020 11:10 #4
Originally posted by Niamh52
I tried to log into my online the 3 times and online and it didn’t seem to work

Hi Niamh52,

Thanks for getting back to us. 

We're sorry to hear this didn't work. In this case, we would recommend linking in with our 365 team on ROI Freephone 1800946156. One of our colleagues will be happy to reset this for you.

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