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Philips 55oled805

22.11.2020 15:32 #1
Hey guys what's the story with the Philips 55 oled 805 ambilight ? Will this be available for online order in the future ?
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22.11.2020 15:47 #2
Verified representative
Hi Outkast,

we are chasing stock at the moment - we do have huge orders on this with Philips but stock is really limited and we don't want to put them up online to order and then disappoint Customers if they don't arrive in before Christmas.

If you do see it in stock with your local Electrical retailer - I'd say go for it and support them as it is a really super TV and no matter where you get it you will be delighted with it.

As soon as we have a stock update we will pop up a post and and of course we will make it available to 'Buy-now' online again,

Thanks again Outkast and keep us posted if we can ever assist in any way,


John Mc & Crew 
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