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Looking for an LG 43UM7500PLA or altenatives

22.11.2020 01:09 #1
Hi there,

I'm looking for the above but cannot seem to locate it on your website. Which tells me it's one of the best in its size. Has it been superseded or what would you recommend?


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22.11.2020 01:31 #2
Another option is to upgrade my current Samsung with an LG OLED48CX6LB but I can only see LG OLED48CX5LC on your website.

(I'm looking for a second TV, so upgrading my current one is also an option)

I can't go beyond 108cm in width which seems to limit me to around 48in TVs.


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22.11.2020 16:12 #3
Verified representative
Hi John,

thanks for the post - the UM7500 is now well discontinued with us - the OLED48CX5/6 is in a different class to the UM7500 TBH!

We stock the OLED48CX5 - the CX6 is a 'shed' exclusive and the only difference is that the pedestal is a slightly different shade - technically they are identical.

Hope that's helpful but keep us posted as ever if we can assist,


John Mc & Crew
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