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Nights saver kicks on at wrong time

20.11.2020 01:41 #1
Hi, friend if mine has a question about nightsaver meter.
Her night saver meter seem to kick in one hour earlier.
That is causing her storage heater to start working one hour earlier too.
If it is, let's say, as an example, turning on at 10 instead of 11.

Is she charged night saver rate between 10-11 or the higher rate?

It says tehnitians don't come unless there 2 hour descrepancy.
Does she need to force herself to stay up till 10 to turn off the heater (too expensive to run if higher rate is charged for that hour), and then try to stay up even longer to turn it on at 11 so she can have heat the following day?
She often falls asleep and has no heat as a result..
Or is the cheaper rate charged from 10 in her situation, so she can just go to sleep at 9 and don't worry about it?
20.11.2020 09:28 #2
Hi there, 

Thank you for getting in touch. 

We can just speak in general terms without more information.

Has she checked the time clock next to the meter?

If her heater is coming on an hour early automatically, it is likely she is being charged at the night rate an hour early as the time clock is ahead by one hour. 

Does she have one meter which clocks day and night separately or does she have a regular meter and a night storage heater meter? If she reads the meter or meters or 10pm and again at 11pm, or the following morning at 7am, she will be able to see if where the units have been charged. If they are charged on the night rate or the night storage heater meter, she is being charged the lower rate. 

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Kind regards, 
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