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19.11.2020 11:09 #1
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19.11.2020 11:45 #2
Hi there,

We must advise you that Credit Control are the department to contact regarding your query - we cannot arrange a call-back, if you contact them on 1850 504 021.

19.11.2020 12:40 #3
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Dear Una,
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19.11.2020 12:45 #4
Hi Mary,

We can send them a request but they won't see it today. If we could arrange a call-back sooner, we assure you we would.

During the current public health restrictions, Electric Ireland are not disconnecting customers for non payment - that letter seems to be automated.

We can view the account if you send us a private message confirming the Electric Ireland account number, name, address, telephone number on the account, and state in the message for GDPR (Data Protection) that you are the account-holder.

Alternatively, contact Credit Control by email on creditcontrol@electricireland.ie or their telephone lines are open until 8pm Monday to Friday, and on Saturday mornings.

Kind regards,
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19.11.2020 14:14 #5
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Originally posted by Electric Ireland: Una
Hi Mary,

Kind regards,

Thanks Una for your help 
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