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Nest Thermostat

18.11.2020 22:33 #1
Registered User
Hi just a few questions. Thinking about buying the Nest Thermstat. What version/model is the one being sold? Are installs happening now during the pandemic or is all that on hold?
19.11.2020 11:49 #2
Verified representative
Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch. We are awaiting response from Home Energy Services regarding what version of the Nest thermostat is now available through Electric Ireland.

Due to the pandemic restrictions, the Nest thermostats are not being installed for the moment.

To contact Home Energy Services directly also, email homeservices@electricireland.ie or telephone 1850 372 333.

Kind regards,
1 thank
25.11.2020 14:52 #3
Verified representative
Hi again Chris,

Thank you for bearing with us. The Nest thermostat available to purchase through Electric Ireland for the reduced cost of €130 (including installation) is the third generation Nest learning thermostat. See the following.

Kind regards,
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