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Are there any plans to discontinue the nightsaver electricity rates?

05.11.2020 17:00 #1
Hi there, I recently read an article on a UK website where they mentioned that their Economy 7 rate (their version of the nightsaver) could be discontinued once the UK's last coal burning power station stopped.

I'm looking at changing my apartment heating over to new storage heaters but I don't want to do this if the Nightsaver rate is going to be discontinued anytime soon.

Given how quickly Ireland is moving to renewable it makes sense to me that this could happen so
are there currently any plans to discontinue the Nightsaver rate in the near future.. say in the next 5 years?
05.11.2020 17:34 #2
Verified representative
Hi WhiteNoSugar,

We have not been made aware of such a plan, if you check with ESB Networks on 1800 372 757.

Kind regards,
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