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how long to switch

04.11.2020 09:28 #1
Registered User

i have switched to electric Ireland on Monday from prepay power
how long does it usually take to switch over
i received one email just after ordering with the general terms

i ordered the nest also.

the reason i'm asking is as I currently have a prepay meters so I have to keep it topped up
until i know the switch has happened
04.11.2020 15:02 #2
Hi there, 

Thank you for getting in touch. 

You don't need to wait until the switch has fully completed. Once your outgoing supplier receive notification that Electric Ireland are taking over the supply, they should supply you with a deactivation code for their device. This will revert it to bill-pay mode and you won't have to top-up.

A change of supplier can take up to 20 working days to fully complete but it usually goes through much quicker.

Have you been in touch with the old supplier to see if they have received notification of your switch? If you send us a private message, we can check on the status of your switch. 

We will need the following details for account security: 
- Your full name
- Your address
- Your MPRN
- Your contact number
- Confirmation you are the account holder (Yes/No)

Kind regards, 
04.11.2020 21:46 #3

I have also switched to electric Ireland on Friday last from prepay power (the account for which was held in the name of the houses previous owners). There was power in the house prior to me requesting the deactivation code from prepay power but this had been cut off by the time I got around to keying in the deactivation code.  

I called Electric Ireland customer service this evening to find out when I could expect their power supply to kick in.   I was amazed when the customer service rep told me that because there was no power in the house they could not set up my connection.  He suggested that the account with prepay had a negative credit balance and advised me to contact Prepay power and top up my account (so the pre pay account would be in credit and there would be power in the house) and then request a new deactivation code from them.  Only then would Electric Ireland be able to connect the house to their network.   

Surely this cannot be correct  ?  Why would the credit status of the prepay account with Prepay power affect Electric Ireland's ability to connect the house to their network given that prepay power have provided me with the deactivation code (which I've successfully keyed in) and had not flagged up any credit issues when I spoke to them requesting the code ?

05.11.2020 12:52 #4
Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch with us.

Can you please DM us with your account number, address, full name, and telephone number? Please also confirm if you are the account holder.

We can check this with the Pay As You Go department here.

Kind regards,
05.11.2020 15:31 #5
Registered User
i'm very confused about this setup of switching

I signed up online for the welcome credit of €350 and i added on the nest

i got a phonecall yesterday which started the switch for the electricity but they couldn't do the gas without written permission from the landlord
so i got the landlord to email them saying it was ok 

today i rang this morning to start the process of the gas and the person on the phone kept transferring me around then came back and said oh the moving team are very busy i'll get them to ring you back i said ok

fas forward to 14:30 no sign of a call so i rang back got put onto the moving team who said i was through to the wrong dept and transferred me to the payg team.

they start the process but told me that it takes 20 days to switch and that i have to then ring back once it has been switched (i asked how would i know when it was switched and she said just ring back in two weeks and it should be done)
and then they can schedule with gas networks to have the meter removed

i then asked about the nest and apparently I can't get this installed until after the switch and the meter has been removed which i don't understand why this is?

she also wasn't able to tell me if I would still get the welcome credit or not as technically I have signed up separately for each service

its a lot of work involved from my part to switch over

signed up online and have so far had to talk to someone on the phone three times i still don't really know wants going on
05.11.2020 17:31 #6
Hi dunworth1,

We can look into this as soon as possible.

Just private message us the MPRN or GPRN, the name, address, telephone number on the account, and please also state in the message for Data Protection that you are the account-holder.

06.11.2020 13:33 #7
Hi dunworth1,

Apologies, having re-read your post, we see that you have a PAYG gas meter which you wish to have removed. This requires a different process to switching for both bill-pay electricity and gas, as an order needs to be sent to Gas Networks Ireland for removal of the PAYG meter to exchange it to bill-pay. You will receive credit for the bill-pay gas though, once the standard meter is installed.

A switch can take up to 20 working days (four weeks) to complete, however supply is not affected. We recommend checking with homeservices@electricireland.ie regarding when you can have the Nest thermostat installed.

We will respond to your private message now.

Kind regards,
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