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Last Week's Top Five Queries (26.10.2020 - 01.11.2020)

02.11.2020 13:53 #1
1) My neighbour is building an exempted development and intends on moving our shared sewer manhole. Is permission from Irish Water needed for this? 
Every connection to the mains, direct or indirect one, requires valid agreement with Irish Water. Your neighbour should, if they have not already apply for the connection to Irish Water, as we no longer allow shared connections. A new connection should go directly to the mains.

2) Leak on my property after the Local Water Department put down pipes in my property, who is responsible? 
Irish Water are responsible for maintaining the public water and waste water network. As the leak is on your property, this would not fall under Irish Water's remit to resolve. We recommend that you contact a registered plumber to repair this.

3) Weekly weekend works on South Circular Road between Dolphins Barn and Rialto, when will these works be complete?
GMC have been carrying out mains laying on behalf of Irish Water on the South Circular Road. We are awaiting further information in relation to your query on the length these works will continue.

Reinstatement work usually takes place between 4-6 weeks after works take place. This is to ensure that the ground underneath the works has settled so we can put down permanent reinstatement.

4) Where can I get New Connection feasibility maps?
We recommend contacting the Planning Department of your Local Authority. They should be able to provide you with these maps.

5) How do I find water quality results for my area?
You can search the water quality in your area using the address search bar here.
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