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Problem with dual fuel switch in August - gas switched, electric still not switched

08.10.2020 13:11 #1
I switched gas and electric online from bord gais to electric ireland on Aug 20th (dual fuel switch 250 euro bonus).
I received email confirmation of the dual fuel switch (and the deal) followed by 2 letters, one for gas and the other for electric to confirm the direct debit details. 
As a background detail we had been long term customers of electric ireland for electric up to around 2017.

End Aug. I received a final gas bill from bord gais, but could see that electric was not closed. I called and emailed both bord gais and electric ireland about this.
Bord gais assured my they have received no request to close electric and also assured me there is no outstanding issue with the account to prevent any switch.
I called electric ireland on many occassions most recently on 15th Sept, 16 Sept, 17 Sept, 29th Sept and finally 4 times on 30th Sept. I was always assured the switch was still proceeding and Fiona assured me on 17th Sept. that I was not to worry about the 250Eur dual fuel switching bonus.

End Sept I then got a bill (instead of the 250Eur bonus) from electric ireland for gas. I called and finally got through to Ron who found the switch was still in status "pending" and that strangely the new electric account at electric ireland was "deregistered". I then called bord gais who for the 3rd time assured me that no request to switch had ever been received, and no outstanding issues prevailed on that account to prevent a switch (it is 200 Euros in credit to me).
This was over a week ago, and I have heard nothing back from Ron so far (he said an investigation would be launched and he would call back).

A switching procedure should not be so stressful for the customer.
Can electric ireland finally resolve this issue?
08.10.2020 14:56 #2
Hi mihalk, 

We regret to read this. 

Can you please send us a private message so we can investigate?

We require the following details: 

- Your full name as it appears on the account
- The first line of your address
- Your account number
- Your contact number
- Confirmation you are the account holder (Yes/No)

Kind regards, 
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