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Central credit register report showing debt but not icb. Will i get a mortgage?

04.10.2020 21:07 #1

Would appreciate anyones guidance on my situation..

I applied for a mortgagage last year with AIB and was approved for a smaller amount as i had a loan with them at the time. I decided to reapply again as the loan had been cleared and I was hoping to get a higher amount

On applying, I recieved a mesage asking was I aware of a €862 unpaid debt and I originally thought they were mixing me up with my husband ( who had a debt written off, but still appearing on his icb until 2021) hence why I applied individually.

So I since found out this was my debt and was quite surprised as I thought I had cleared any debts years ago. I had a loan for 3440 euro in 2010 with aib which I defaulted on as came out of college in a recession and no work. I entered full employment in 2014 and was in a position to pay debt. As this debt was with intrum justitia I entered into a agreement to pay monthly 100 euro installments..which I did and looking at my bank statements which was coming out at the same time each month.. noticing there was a stage this hadn't happened. Intrum rang me and I was confused as to why payments would stop as thought it just automatically came out of my bank each month. It was noticed I had applied for a replacement bank card ( as ive a tenancy to loose cards :/) I gave intrum new card details and the payments started again . Thinking everything was being paid, im now surprised to see this debt come up. After a bit of investigation on my bank statements i noticed a few months later the payments stopped and of course this corresponds with another repalcement bank card and tbh totally forgot about intrum as never noticed it coming out monthly anyways.

Aib said i was reviewing arrears letters until 2018, but since I reside in dublin and not my parents home address, I was missing these correspondences..

I always thought I was fine as icb never showed up anything years ago, I was approved a 20,000 euro loan with aib which Ive recently finished off a year early ( just paid off a lump sum of 5k last month to finish it). So I've always been under the impression I had no debt.

Aib said they approved my first smaller amount loan last year as they only looked at icb and now the ccr is showing this.

Do I have any chance at all...should I go to intrum and pay this off straight away and will this show on my ccr for 5 years now.

Feel like I've wasted so many years building up a good credit rating paying my loan on time monthly, thinking I had no debt, saving consistently and its going to kill me to start waiting 5 years again..

I haven't replied to aib yet as would like external advice first
05.10.2020 10:16 #2
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OP - Are you applying to KBC for a mortgage?
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