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Electricity Price Hike - Can I Exit Penalty Free?

30.09.2020 16:09 #1
Registered User
Hi guys, 

I have read that you are increasing the price of electricity from 1 October 2020

I am in a contract at the moment. 

As you are increasing the prices, to a different price when I agreed the contract, can I exit the contract without a penalty? 

I realise that the charges are variable but surely I can now exit the contract penalty free? This is what happens with broadband and mobile companies do this. 

30.09.2020 16:19 #2
Verified representative
Hi JTMan,

Thanks for your message.

The 3.4% increase applies to the unit rate and standing charge combined, not the government charges (PSO Levy and VAT) so a two-month bill which has been €100 up to today will be under €103 from tomorrow.

We must advise that the price change does not affect the terms and conditions of your plan.

See on the following page item 7. Price of electricity.

Kind regards,
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