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Night saver meter

31.08.2020 11:27 #1
Currently there are three old storage heaters in our lounge and hall area controlled by the nightsaver switch. Heaters in bedrooms (conventional) have power on demand. We want to replace the two lounge
and hall storage heaters with normal convection heaters but would if possible like to  use the existing storage heaters fused socket location. Can we have the nightsaver meter removed and replaced with standard meter, if so cost of same. If meter is replaced will this give us 24 hour power to the old storage heaters power outlet without changes to consumer unit.. Only other option is to relocate the new heaters to point near wall socket. If we leave the night saver meter in place and simply use wall sockets to supply power to new heaters how much per annum extra will the  nightsaver cost us in fixed charge
31.08.2020 13:28 #2
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