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Last Week's Top Five Queries (20.07.2020 - 26.07.2020)

27.07.2020 14:53 #1
Verified representative
1. I am interested in Rainwater Harvesting and would like to know if you can recommend a service to clean a plastic oil tank for this use?

We would be unable to recommend any particular company for this service or guarantee their effectiveness.

2. Can you advise what to do about manholes placed by builder in the back garden? Can they be moved?

If you have an Irish Water asset on your site, we would advise that you email the details of your query and the approximate location of our asset to For more information concerning the diversion or alteration of Irish Water assets, please see here.

If these manholes are part of a shared private network, this would be a private matter between yourself and your neighbours.

3. I need to carry out plumbing works in my house. Can I turn off my water supply from the valve located in my meter box on the road?

You can switch your supply off using the outside stop valve located in your meter box.

When accessing your water meter please be aware of your surroundings, your personal safety and the safety of others. The water meter boxes are normally located out of the way of traffic; however, please remain aware of cyclists, pedestrians and other road users.

The meter box can be opened by slowly and carefully prising off the meter lid. You will see small slots located around the edge of the meter lid into which you can insert a safe implement, such as the flat handle of a spoon, to carefully prise off the plastic water meter lid. For further safety information, please click here.

To turn the water off, apply light pressure to the outside stop valve until it clicks and turn it one quarter of a rotation clockwise. To turn the water back on, turn the valve one quarter of a rotation anti-clockwise.

4. Where can I get maps of the water network in my area?

In order to obtain maps of water and wastewater infrastructure in your area, we advise that you contact the Planning Department in your Local Authority who will be able to provide all relevant historical details.

5. I have no water and there is no update on your website. Can you help?

Please PM us with the following information and we will certainly look into this for you.

- Your full name;
- Your full address (including County & Eircode);
- Your contact number; and
- Are your neighbours also experiencing this.
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