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Exit fee

16.07.2020 17:36 #1

I recently moved home and our new address doesn't have gas, it uses oil instead. I'm going to transfer my electricity account across, but I can't move my gas. Does this mean I need to pay the exit charge?

I'm not breaking contract by choice but simply because the new home doesn't have gas.

Can you please advise? I would be very disappointed if I'm charged an exit fee for this
16.07.2020 17:42 #2
Verified representative
Hi Craftylee,

Thanks for getting in touch.

The exit fee would be applied to the gas account, yes. It could be waived if you were moving due to circumstances beyond your control though (e.g. COVID-19) and had not been aware at the time of switching that you would have to move mid contract.

We recommend noting your closing meter-reading(s) on your last day at your present address (but not closing the account just yet) then contacting Electric Ireland Sales on 1850 30 50 90 with the first day's meter-readings and the MPRN when you move address, to carry out the electricity account transfer and discuss the exit fee.

Sales are open until 8pm Monday to Friday, and until 5.30pm on Saturdays. They are closed on public holidays.

Kind regards,
16.07.2020 17:48 #3

Yes this was due to circumstances beyond our control with our landlord selling the property (and giving us notice to leave).
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16.07.2020 17:55 #4
Verified representative
Hi Craftylee,

Thanks for confirming.

If you have online billing: with meter-reading(s) taken on your last day and your opening meter-readings (taken first day) and MPRN for your new address, complete the transfer form for electricity. Close the gas account separately via this page on the day you move out.

Contact me here by private message on the next working day after you complete the gas account closure form. All reps will receive the message and one of us will get back to you and escalate the matter of the exit fee/your unforeseen circumstances. We will need the gas account number, name, address, telephone number on the account, and that you state for GDPR you are the account-holder.

If you do not have online billing, telephone Customer Service on 1850 372 372 to transfer your electricity account.

If you have further questions in the meantime, do let us know.

Kind regards,
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16.07.2020 18:07 #5
Thanks Una. I just completed the account closure form for my gas account. I'll PM you tomorrow as per your instructions to follow up on this

Thanks again,
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16.07.2020 18:10 #6
Originally posted by Craftylee
Thanks Una. I just completed the account closure form for my gas account. I'll PM you tomorrow as per your instructions to follow up on this

Thanks again,

Let us know how it went - we are looking forward to hearing that you were looked after well.
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