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30.06.2020 13:23 #1
My mother (the account holder) passed away in May, and Electric Ireland want to charge me €300 to change the name on the account, even though I live at the same address. It also seems like a way to penalise me for not wanting to pay by DD. Bill was always settled via local PO.

This is extremely disappointing, I thought I was making a phone call to tie up a loose end only to face a bill of €300 because someone had to be inconvenient and pass away!
30.06.2020 13:29 #2
Is it a charge to clear the outstanding balance, or a security deposit ?
30.06.2020 14:01 #3
Originally posted by feelings
Is it a charge to clear the outstanding balance, or a security deposit ?

No charges outstanding, bill always settled in full
30.06.2020 14:21 #4
Hi OpenYourMind,

We are very sorry to read of your loss.

The process that would be followed is not changing the name on the account, but opening a new account in your name. A new account, which does not have direct debit set up on it, automatically has the security deposit applied (and this is removed after 14 months) however, in your circumstances, you can request to have this charge removed from the beginning if you do not wish to set up direct debit.

If you private message me the MPRN, address, meter-reading if your late mother's most recent bill was estimated, your name, telephone number and date of birth, we can arrange the registration and security deposit removal.

Kind regards,
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