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SuperSaver Plan - misleading customer

03.06.2020 14:01 #1
We were on the SuperSaver Plan and when our contract came to an end, we received an email stating we would continue on it. Today we’ve discovered that Electric Ireland notified us incorrectly and moved us to a higher rate plan, Value Reward. I understand we are one of thousands of customers who were told they would remain on the SuperSaver PLan but charged The Value Reward rate.

Can you Please confirm that all affected customers will receive a refund for the overcharge? We should have been charged the SuperSaver rates as originally notified 
03.06.2020 14:03 #2
Hi Thingymebob,

The Sales team can advise you in this regard, if you email your query and details to sales@electricireland.ie or telephone 1850 30 50 90.

Kind regards,
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