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Have ye given up on taking meter readings?

31.05.2020 15:49 #1
Registered User
I don't think my meter has been read since November.  Is this down to the China Flu or a new costsaving
initiative.  A lot of people like me live in apartments and neither know where it is nor have access to the meter box.
A bit of clarification on this issue would be appreciated.

31.05.2020 15:53 #2
According to this they've suspended meter readings. https://www.electricir...d-19-customer-update

Not sure what they can do for you in your circumstances.
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31.05.2020 16:07 #3
Originally posted by Notmything
According to this they've suspended meter readings. https://www.electricireland.ie/covid-19-customer-update

Not sure what they can do for you in your circumstances.

mine was read last thursday
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02.06.2020 09:31 #4
Hi leffesem,

As noted by Notmything, meter-readings were discontinued between March and May - initially this applied to indoor meters only, then all meters.

The restriction has now been lifted in relation to outdoor meters.

Under normal circumstances, ESB Networks read an electricity meter for four out of the six annual bills, provided they are able to access the meter. If the bill is continuously being estimated, we recommend checking with the property owner or agency regarding access to the meter to take an up-to-date reading.

If you have further questions, please let us know.

02.06.2020 14:25 #5
Registered User
Thanks for replying Una

Last 4 bills (Nov/Jan /March & May) have all been estimated.

I'm wary of them being underestimated so I pay more than the due amount.  I haven't got unlimited funds and I don't wish to see a bill close to a euro 1,000 in September or November coming.  The latest bill had me in credit but I still paid money on it.

Does this mean that the meters aren't read if you see the customer is in credit?  I hope you're correct about the restrictions and that my next bill (due July or thereabouts) will reflect the correct amount.  My meter is outside somewhere because it's definitely not in my Apt.  If the next bill is also an estimate I will then get on to the management crowd. I do accept the current situation but 4 estimated bills in a row is a bit much given no access is required to my home and there is most likely a separate area that houses all the meters.

02.06.2020 14:37 #6
Hi leffesem,

Thanks for your post.

Four consecutive estimates indicates that ESB Networks may not be able to access the meter (the account being in credit would not stop meter-readings from taking place).

Can you private message me the Electric Ireland account number, name, address, telephone number on the account, and state in the message for GDPR that you are the account-holder?

Thanks again,
Last edited by Electric Ireland: Una: 02.06.2020 at 14:41.
02.06.2020 16:38 #7
Registered User
Thanks Una, but I'd rather not do the PM thing. I like internet anonymity when I'm posting on anonymous forums such as boards as no doubt you can appreciate. Hear so much these days about laptops going missing etc...

I'll wait until the next bill and if it's an estimate i'll get onto management or before if/when they're available.

I just want to know the state of play.  Don't like to be in the dark(so to speak) when it comes to bills and the like.

If no joy come July will contact yourselves then.

Thanks again for the prompt response.

02.06.2020 16:41 #8
Hi Leffesem,

Alternatively contact ESB Networks on 1850 372 999, as the meter-readers come from there, and they read the meters on behalf of Electric Ireland and other electricity billing companies. They can check how accessible your meter is under normal circumstances.

Kind regards,
Last edited by Boards.ie: Mark: 30.06.2020 at 15:08.
02.06.2020 16:49 #9
Registered User
OK.  Thank you Una
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02.06.2020 16:53 #10
You are welcome Leffesem.

And if you wish to message us regarding your account, in this department we are also on Facebook, Twitter, the email team are service@electricireland.ie, there is the chat team, and Customer Service are available on 1850 372 372.

Kind regards,
02.06.2020 16:58 #11
Registered User
Great customer service there Una.  Much appreciated. Sky and Eir could learn a lot.
Thanks again,

Bye and Good luck,

02.06.2020 17:14 #12
We are happy to help, Leffesem!

Kind regards,
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