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How to lodge cash - branch is closed

23.05.2020 11:43 #16
I've been caught a few times now with the lodgement facility gone

Had to travel or use the sons card to pay for stuff
23.05.2020 11:51 #17
Registered User
Do any family members bank with AIB or Ulster Bank?  

If so ask them to lodge the cash to their account via the Post Office then transfer the money to your BOI account online. 

Not ideal, but in the circumstances its a possible work around. 
1 thank
24.05.2020 07:39 #18
Thanks for all the tips and links.
25.05.2020 10:58 #19
Originally posted by eviltimeban
Hi there, my local branch is closed. I have some cash which I need to lodge and the ATM function to do this at the branch is not in service due to the closure.

There are no other branches within 5km of me so what are my options? Can I lodge money in another bank, e.g. AIB?

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch with us here today.

The changes we have needed to make to our branch footprint and associated redeployment of staff unfortunately means that the lodgement facility at our closed branches is not possible right now. I realise that this is inconvenient for you and I am sorry that we cannot provide the Lodgment facility at the moment. We are prioritising available staff time to keep the withdrawal services operational so customers can continue to have access to their money at all locations.

Please be assured that that lodgements can be made at our branches which remain open during this time. For a list of branches please see here

We hope this helps and that you remain safe and well.

Thanks Jen 
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