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PRSA Pension - New feature?

20.05.2020 10:57 #1
Hi there, 

I currently have a joint current account and regular savings account with my partner. I have an occupational pension through my work, however, my partner's employer does not offer a pension plan. I noticed that it is now possible to apply for a Pension through the mobile app and I mentioned to my partner who is now thinking of applying. Is it possible to apply through the app even though we have a joint account? Would the fact that we already have an account make the process any easier?

21.05.2020 16:14 #2
Good afternoon,


Thank you for your message.


You can apply for our new pension plan through the KBC app even with a joint account.

If you would like to discuss the application process, you will need to speak directly with our sales team.

You can contact our sales team directly on freephone on 1 800 515253 or abroad on +353 1 6646666



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