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Getting a Mortgage & a Credit Scoring in Ireland

18.05.2020 12:46 #1

I moved to Ireland from U.K. and been living here over 4 years. I’m looking in to buying a house here in Ireland but I already have a house with a mortgage in U.K. which I took six years ago and is not paid off yet.

I would like to know that if I apply for a mortgage in Ireland would the bank require a credit score report for me from U.K.?

Will I be class as first time buyer in Ireland even though I have a house with a mortgage over in U.K.?

Also, will the Irish bank require to check with my current mortgage lender over in U.K.?

18.05.2020 16:04 #2
Good afternoon Madu,


Thank you for your message.


In order to discuss your situation and provide you with accurate information regarding applying for a mortgage with KBC, you will need to speak directly with our new mortgage team.

They can advise you on the process and what exactly is required for the application.

The team can be contacted directly on freephone on 1 800 515253 or abroad on +353 1 6646666.


Many Thanks,
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