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Installation of New Meter

09.05.2020 12:51 #1
I am waiting to move into a new apartment and am waiting on a meter to be installed so that I can do this. What is the current status of new installations?
11.05.2020 10:32 #2
Hi annatar91,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Do you mean a PAYG meter or a reconnection to switch the electricity back on?

Thanks again,
11.05.2020 17:00 #3

I just mean a regular meter. It is not a reconnection. It is a new connection as it is a new property there has not been a meter installed previously
11.05.2020 17:08 #4
Hi annatar91,

Thanks for confirming.

If you private message me the Electric Ireland account number (or date of birth on the account), your name, address, telephone number and state for GDPR that you will be the account-holder, we can check the progress.

Thanks again,
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