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Credit Card Payments since update

28.04.2020 14:27 #1
Anyone else experiencing issues with credit card payments. I normally have a weekly standing order payment made to my credit card which come off within a day or two. Since the update its taking a week to come off the card and showing as a cheque payment and is not reflected in my available funds on the card. Waiting for kbc to get back to me after looking into the issue but anyone experiencing the same.
30.04.2020 16:07 #2
Hello Burks_ie,


Thank you for your query.


If you have not yet received an update for your query I can arrange a callback for you with a customer service agent, please DM your contact number, otherwise you can call us directly on free phone the team on 1800 93 92 44 or abroad on 0035316646100.

Thank you,
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