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Exit Fees and Cashback Question

27.04.2020 11:42 #1
Registered User

I am currently looking at electricity and gas packages at the moment on the market. 

I am renting a house. 

I have no idea if I will be renting the house for another year or not. There is a good chance that I will move out inside the next year as the landlord might want the place back. 

If I move out inside the next year, because the landlord wants the place back, Energia have told me that their exit fee does not apply because it is not a switch per se. Also, Energia do not clawback the cashback in these circumstances. 

If it the same with Electric Ireland? If someone has to leave their rented house inside the next year do you apply an exit fee? and do you clawback cashback? 

Thanks, I just need to factor this into my decision as to which provider to go with. 
27.04.2020 13:08 #2
Verified representative
Hi JTMan,

Thanks for getting in touch.

There is an exit fee for leaving during contract (€50 per account) however the individual case can be looked at.

The bonus credit is not affected.

Kind regards,
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