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Irish Water are here Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm and Saturday to Sunday, 9am to 5:30pm.

Last Week's Top Five Queries (23.03.2020 - 29.03.2020)

31.03.2020 13:12 #1
Verified representative
1. There are planned works in my area. I only found out about these when there was no water in my apartment. Why there was no prior notice given?

We endeavour to notify customers in advance, however, due to the nature of the works, this may not always be possible. As soon as notification of works is received, it is posted on the supply and service updates page on our website, Twitter channel and sent to the relevant public representatives and radio stations. All registered vulnerable customers are contacted directly.

2. I need to access by IW online account, however the systems seems to be down. I need to retrieve a bill I received a few years ago. Can you please help?

Would you mind advising on the errors you are receiving? If you have previously registered for MyWater, you should be able to log on to view your history. Unfortunately, it's not possible to issue previous bills another way.

3. We’re experiencing delays with getting connected to the mains water. Can you advise?

We're really sorry to hear about this. Would you mind sending a PM with the following details and we can look into this:

- Name;
- Address;
- Contact number; and
- Connection application number

4. I’m awaiting a response from IW, are they working during Coronavirus?

We are operating all our essential services as normal during this current situation. Please feel free to PM us with the following details:

- Name;
- Address;
- Contact number; and
- Reference number

5. Our sewer is blocked with waste from multiple houses. Where can I get a drainage map?

You can request ordinance supply maps from your Local Authority. If you ever believe that there is a blockage located in the public mains, you can confirm the below details via PM and we'll look into this further for you.

- Name;
- Contact number;
- Address; and
- How long the blockage has been ongoing
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