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Why did sky steal €55 from my a/c today

24.03.2020 12:14 #1
Registered User
Early Feb I cancelled my Sky A/C. Final payment was payed at start of March. I looked in my Bank A/C this morning to see they had stolen €55 from it. Have tried calling but they arent taking any calls.

If leaving their service please be careful.
22.04.2020 16:04 #2
Registered User
This forum is closing, better to try facebook or twitter as I don't think they will be responding to posts here anymore. 
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22.04.2020 16:08 #3
Registered User
If it's a direct debit payment, contact your bank and ask them to reverse it - under SEPA rules, you have 8 weeks and the bank doesn't need a reason.
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