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Since when did bank of Ireland refused coin bags.

23.03.2020 17:29 #1
Today I was going to deposit bags of coins at the bank and social distance is in effect so you had to line up outside the bank and wait as they are letting one person in at a time. I presume it was the branch manager who was outside asking what you needed done, he came up to me and asked what do you need done today and I told him to lodge some coins then he replied we dont do anything like that. The funny thing is I deposited coins four days earlier. The man didn't even give a reason why.
24.03.2020 10:50 #2
Hi Alexa,

Thanks for getting in touch with us here on

I’m sorry to hear this has been your experience with us. Can I ask what branch this took place at? We would have a number of Advice and Self-Service branches that would not have a cashier facility to accept and cash/coins.

I have attached a link below to our Branch Locator, this will help in finding a Cash Service Branch convenient to you.

Thanks, Aisling
24.03.2020 12:02 #3
This happened at the magherafelt branch which had taken my coins before.
24.03.2020 14:42 #4
Thanks for getting back to us here Alexa.

I’m very sorry to hear this. Please be asssured I will raise this with the branch and will certainly pass this on as feedback on your behalf.

Thanks, Aisling
24.03.2020 15:23 #5
Thank you
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