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Sky Breach of Broadband Contract - Unable to Cancel Contract

22.03.2020 17:00 #1
I am writing on this board because the Sky web page that is supposed to show the email address for lodging complaints will not load and I am looking to lodge a formal complaint with regards to the attempted cancellation of my Sky Broadband Essential contract on 21/03/2020.
My Sky Broadband Essential contract began on 8/10/2019, which is contracted to deliver a maximum download speed of 24 mbps and a minimum download speed of 10 mbps, (as per my contract). My download speed has rarely gone above 3.5 mbps since I entered the contract, which has been well documented with your technical team. A Sky engineer has visited my flat twice to install and check my broadband connection and I have spent countless hours speaking to “specialists” to improve my connection. The download speed in my apartment has been barely manageable because my flatmate and I are rarely there at the same time. We are now both working from home as a result of the Corona Virus and the situation is untenable.
I called Sky customer care to cancel my contract at 2pm on Saturday 21/03/2020, which lasted 1 hour 26mins. I was passed around 6 different employees over the course of the call. The first employee informed me that my contract should be considered void and cancelled due to the slow speed I am receiving. I was eventually passed to the Broadband Cancellation Team (third employee). An American gentleman told me that I could not cancel because I was still under contract and Sky can only be deemed to have provided a faulty service after an engineer has made three visits to the property in question. We agreed that an engineer had already made two visits to my apartment and when I asked if I could schedule a third visit next week I was passed to an English gentleman called James, who I believe was a manager. James informed me that he could not send an engineer to my flat because I would then be eligible to cancel my contract. In other words, I would have to see out my contract at the existing download speed of c.3.5 mbps, with no ability to address the matter by way of a site visit. James then passed me to a lady in the Broadband Loyalty Team. After explaining the situation to her, I was informed that there was nothing that she could do because the last note on my file from an engineer was that the broadband is functional. To be clear, I was never informed that this note was made by an engineer, nor did an engineer ever communicate to me that the matter had been resolved. I was then passed to the Broadband Technical Team, where I spoke with a Northern Irish gentleman. We both ran speed checks on my connection. He received a download speed of c.4.5mps and I received c3.5mbps. I asked if he could arrange for an engineer to visit my property but he was very reluctant to do so and asked me to call back again Monday 23/03/20.  
In a state of dismay at the level of poor and inadequate customer service I had just received, I called Sky Customer Care back at 15.32 on 21/03/20 to lodge a formal complaint. As if by magic, an engineer had been arranged to visit my property within the next 3-5 working days.
I have now been through the terms and conditions of my Sky Broadband contract and it is very clear to me that Sky has been in breach of the contract since inception on 8/10/2019. Part 3 pg 26 of the document clearly states that I should at all times expect to receive a minimum download speed of 10 mbps, with a maximum of 24 mbps. The final paragraph of pg 27 goes on to say:
 “Where your account has had several or reoccurring unresolved technical issues for poor/intermittent connections or continuous slow Broadband speeds, and this is verified by a monitoring mechanism certified by ComReg or to Sky’s satisfaction, then you shall be entitled to terminate your contract without penalty”.  
Within the terms and conditions there is no reference to the number of times that an engineer must visit my property in order for my contract to be cancelled. This was nothing short of a lie from your Cancellation team, which is completely unacceptable and a violation of my rights.
I have given Sky every opportunity to fix my wifi service over the last 5 months. It has been documented on multiple occasions, and as recently as 21/03/20, that my connection is below the minimum contracted level that Sky must provide. Given the now urgent nature of this request, I am demanding that the following steps are actioned:
-          My Sky Broadband Essential contract is deemed void and cancelled with immediate effect, free of any early termination fees;
-          As compensations, my Sky TV package is also cancelled with immediate effect, free of any early termination fees;
-          As further compensation I am refunded in full the amount that I have paid to date for both my Sky Brodaband and TV packages.  
I trust that the above will be investigated and actioned with immediate effect. I will also be communicating the situation to the CPCC and the Commission for Communications Regulation. 
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22.03.2020 21:21 #2
Have a look at the first post here.  You wont get any response here so its probably better that you write to them.
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22.04.2020 16:03 #3
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Check out
Try them on facebook or twitter but this forum is closing & don't expect a response.
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