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Returned payments??

21.03.2020 12:46 #1
Hi, Im writing to ask why my direct debits are being returned every month after payment causing my account to be overdue and why you keep adding a security deposit every month?? Every time I send in the payment has been returned, causing my account to be overdue and I have to sign up for direct debit again. I am thoroughly dissapointed with your services, you consistently manage to mess up. I no longer wish to be a customer of electric Ireland as you are far too stressful to deal with. Direct debit is supposed to simplify payments not make them difficult.
23.03.2020 09:58 #2
Verified representative
Hi alf123,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Whenever a direct debit is cancelled, the security deposit is automatically applied, as an account which is less than 14 months old requires direct debit to eliminate the security deposit.

We would need to review the Electric Ireland account to see why the direct debit keeps rejecting, however it is more likely to be something which needs to be checked with your bank.

We will review it here first though, once you private message me the Electric Ireland account number, name, address, telephone number on the account, and state for GDPR (Data Protection) that you are the account-holder. All reps will receive the message, and one of us will respond as soon as possible.

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