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Can’t activate Sky Go / Go Extra

19.03.2020 19:05 #1

Recently joined Sky and added Go Extra as part of the VIP offer, but can’t get access to it

I’ve tried to ‘reactivate’ it in settings but nothing happens - have also restarted the box (including turning power off and on).

Any ideas how to fix it?
19.03.2020 19:10 #2
Registered User
We have had sky go for nearly 2 years and no matter what I do I cant get it to sync to the box, would live to know what I'm doing wrong.
20.03.2020 22:03 #3
sky go doesnt sync to a box
21.03.2020 18:57 #4
Originally posted by EverythingGood
sky go doesnt sync to a box

It needs to be activated on the box so you can set recordings via the app
21.03.2020 19:03 #5
Registered User
Since we have had sky I havent been able to do this, apologies I used the wrong terminology 
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