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Threatening letter!

14.03.2020 12:16 #1
Registered User
In shock! Just had a letter from Electric Ireland threatening to disconnect me. They claim they have sent " a number of reminders" which is not true ( I trust An Post) and the language is intimidatory. The amount is just over E100. 

I called them and it was excuse after excuse and blame the customer. I had asked to pay etc online and had done so with my current email but they denied that too.  

Where please can I make a formal complaint? The conversation upset more than the letter and I plan lto change suppliers anyway now; too old and too unwell to be treated like this. And yes, will settle the a/c first thing Monday, 
16.03.2020 09:57 #2
Verified representative
Hi Graces7,

Sorry to read of your unhappiness with your customer experience.

We have sent you a private message.

Kind regards,
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