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Second time in 6 mths ive got a close of account when i havent

09.03.2020 18:17 #1
had this happen before..not pointing finger but last time it was someone using my address to swap to other company..if you could PM me i will give details
10.03.2020 10:00 #2
Verified representative
Hi mcdaids69,

We can certainly look into this as soon as possible if you private message me the Electric Ireland account number, name, address and telephone number on the account.

All reps will receive this message.

Kind regards,
13.03.2020 15:09 #3
Registered User
Forgot to ask, how do we change our contact email address when not on online billing?  (Or perhaps you don't have them anyway in that case?
13.03.2020 16:23 #4
Verified representative
Hi Fogmatic,

Most of the time the customer's email address is just on their Electric Ireland account if they have online billing, but sometimes their email address is on the account without online billing.

Most correspondence by email is just to online billing customers.

An email address can be added to an Electric Ireland account if the customer requests a customer service advisor to do this.

Kind regards,
13.03.2020 21:38 #5
Registered User
Thank you for the clarification, Una.
In that case, think I might as well leave it, and make sure my phone number's up-to-date ((just in case of anything urgent).
Thanks again.
16.03.2020 09:34 #6
Hi Fogmatic, 

Thanks for getting back to us. 

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. 

Kind regards,
16.03.2020 10:22 #7
Registered User
I seem to have posted in the wrong thread (probably a careless touch on phone screen) - sorry about any confusion!
16.03.2020 11:12 #8
Verified representative
Hi Fogmatic,

Thanks for your post.

That is no problem at all - we're happy to help.

Kind regards,
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