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Aer Lingus Credit Card Travel insurance

27.02.2020 06:56 #1
Registered User
Hi, I recently changed from a BOI MasterCard to and Aer Lingus Credit Card. The coverage levels of travel insurance are pretty low compared with my Laya Travel insurance that is linked to my Laya Private Medical insurance. However I see from the BOI travel insurance webpage that there is Medicare Extra Travel Insurance.

About our Medicare Extra Travel Insurance
Our Medicare Extra Travel Insurance is only suitable for you if;
1. You already have Private Medical Insurance in force.
2. It covers each person insured under this insurance for a degree of
medical expenses cover while abroad.
3. You are familiar with and fully comply with the rules of your private
health insurance.
4. Your private medical insurance will remain in force for the duration of
the trip.

How can I link this to my Aer Lingus Credit Card travel insurance? I called BOI card services who told me to contact AIG, who in turn told me to contact BOI Credit Card Services. The most recent call was last week with a promise to call me back with an answer, unfortunately nothing yet.

Could you possibly advise if I need to link my private medical insurance to the Aer Lingus Credit Card travel insurance, and how this is done.

Thank you.
27.02.2020 15:50 #2
Hi Bottle,

Thanks for getting in touch with us today here on

You would not need to link these two insurance policies together. You will be able to keep both. We would recommend ensuring you are up to date with each policies' terms and conditions.

For more help on this, our colleagues will be happy to help on or if you prefer to call, the number would be 1800 303 102.

We hope this information helps.

Many thanks,
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