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No entry for BIC

20.02.2020 15:05 #1
I'm trying to add a new UK based payee but both online and android app only allow input of IBAN and the payee doesnt get added because it complains of no BIC. How do I add the BIC with no option for same?
20.02.2020 15:10 #2
Registered User
Should be using the IBAN which includes the sort code
20.02.2020 15:13 #3
I do input the IBAN but it complains of no BIC???
20.02.2020 15:25 #4
20.02.2020 15:28 #5
Yes, See below

[td]This IBAN has the correct length for this country (Belgium).[/td]

[td]Bankleitzahl (bank code) 974: This Bankleitzahl (bank code) is correct.[/td]

[td]Account number (removed): The account number contains a valid checksum.[/td]

[td]IBAN (removed): The IBAN checksum is correct.[/td]
20.02.2020 15:36 #6
Registered User
Is that correct a Belgian account?  What bank name?
20.02.2020 15:42 #7

SEPA Credit Transfer is supported.

SEPA Direct Debit is supported.

B2B is not supported.

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer is not supported.
20.02.2020 16:55 #8
Registered User
Whats the first part of the iban look like (the bit before the account number)
20.02.2020 16:57 #9
20.02.2020 17:04 #10
Registered User
How many digits after that? That is not showing as valid for me
Or does it validate here as well
Last edited by fritzelly: 20.02.2020 at 17:07.
20.02.2020 17:11 #11
  •  Account Number checksum is valid
  •  IBAN Formatting and Structure is correct
  •  IBAN Length is correct for Belgium
  •  IBAN Checksum is valid
  • [/td]
    [tr][td]SEPA CREDIT TRANSFER[/td]
    [tr][td]SEPA DIRECT DEBIT[/td]
    [tr][td]SEPA SDD CORE[/td]
    [tr][td]SEPA B2B[/td]
    [tr][td]SEPA CARD CLEARING[/td]

    20.02.2020 17:12 #12
    Anyway, the issue is neither online or app allow a field for BIC which is the issue.
    20.02.2020 17:16 #13
    Registered User
    Don't need BIC, IBAN is the standard - call KBC, quicker than waiting for an answer here
    20.02.2020 17:24 #14
    Registered User
    Originally posted by howamidifferent
    Anyway, the issue is neither online or app allow a field for BIC which is the issue.
    Since 2016, KBC are required to accept the IBAN only. See here: https://www.sepaforcor...sepa-iban-rule-2016/. If it's a valid IBAN, KBC need to answer why it won't go through
    02.03.2020 11:59 #15
    Hello howamidifferent,


    Thank you for your query.


    You are only required to enter an IBAN for any SEPA transfers on the online/mobile banking.

    If you get an error in relation to the BIC, Our IT team will need to investigate this for you.

    I can arrange a call back for you with one of our agents if you provide your best contact number through PM, otherwise you can free phone the team on 1800 93 92 44 or abroad on 0035316646100.

    Thank you,

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