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17.02.2020 15:06 #1
Hi, I'm in the process of applying for a mortgage and as such, I keep having to get statements. For my KBC current account this is fine as quarterly statements are on the app, the problem is with my regular saver account. No matter whether I ask in the bank or on the phone to customer services, for a 6-month statement, i inevitably receive a statement for the whole of 2019 and then to date in 2020. The banks only wish to see 6 months and as ive tidied up my banking and savings particularly in that time, I would prefer my statement only include that timeframe. KBC is the only bank I've come across with such an awkward set-up for statements that you have to call or visit a branch rather than generate it off the app- can you tell me is there at least any way for the statements to be generated for the specific period?
20.02.2020 18:27 #2
Can KBC please reply to this?
26.02.2020 10:07 #3
Are you going to print them out or they are looking for digital copy? If you're printing them out, the PDF files are not locked for editing, so you could download Acrobat DC trial and edit out the dates that you do not need.
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26.02.2020 10:26 #4
Verified representative
Originally posted by lir6777
Can KBC please reply to this?


Hi lir6777,


Thanks for getting in touch.


If you have a regular saver account the statements are generated and issued out on an annual basis.


There is no facility to generate a statement for a specific time period when requested, it would need to be issued for 2019 and then to date in 2020.


Should you have any further queries, don’t hesitate to contact our customer services team on 1800 93 92 44 or +353 1 664 6100 from overseas.

Many thanks,

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