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Mixed information and lack of responses

04.02.2020 22:01 #1

I have applied to KBC for a mortgage and been told by phone how much I qualify for plus and exception but after a number of times requesting confirmation I have been told that KBC will not provide an AIP letter unless we have the house we want to buy.

But if I get it for the house I want to bid on and that falls through I will lose the exception and not be allowed apply again.

On the other side the estate agent will not accept bids unless we can supply the AIP proving that we would have enough to make our bid.

What is going on?? Seems my only Option is risk losing the exception if we are outbid as we cannot bit without this.

We have supplied all relevant documentation to KBC at this point and have been answer queries (including on transactions from 9 months ago!!) I have sent all requested materials when requested but frequently am ignored when I ask a question.

We have applied to another bank who came back far quicker and have given us an AIP letter stating full amount including the exception amount, which is only slightly lower than KBC which is the only reason we are hanging in with the application.
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05.02.2020 10:46 #2
Registered User
You are not alone ... please see -

It's not always about the lowest rate...sometimes using another bank will be the less stressful option but not cheapest option...
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