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Nest Thermostat W5 error

02.02.2020 11:15 #1
Registered User

Ive been using NEST thermostat for about 3/4 months now and it was all working fine until i noticed that the schedule not turning my heat on anymore. Ive went to the app and it said thermostat offline, went to the thermostat and it said network error with a error W5, now the web site of nest didn't helped much, but googling it revealed that w5 is wifi chip error
I did tried to power off the unit, reseting the network setting, hard reseting, router reseting and restoring all NEST settings to factory settings. No matter what i do, it can no longer locate my wifi signal on the NEST, all other wifi peripherals at home working fine and connecting fine
Can members of EI reach out to me and assists on this matter please?

Thank you
03.02.2020 09:12 #2
Hi lisij,

Thank you for getting in touch. 

We recommend contacting our colleagues in the Home Services team if you have any questions about the Nest thermostat. You can contact them on 1850 372 333 from 9am to 6pm.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. 

Kind regards, 
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