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Blacknight Backs .ORG Sale to Ethos Capital

27.01.2020 16:57 #1
The sale of the .ORG domain registry to Ethos Capital will secure much-needed future funding for its owner, ISOC, The Internet Society. But the move has drawn protest from some.

Michele Neylon, CEO of Ireland’s leading domain registrar Blacknight, believes the discussion has been characterised by hysteria and hyperbole and is not founded in fact.

"The entire Internet industry faces many more pressing issues currently, such as censorship, child abuse, privacy and misinformation, among other things. The energy being poured into opposing this one deal, where the funds will actually endow a charity that works on these important issues, could be much better spent on tackling the big issues that matter in Internet governance"

Click here to read the press release in full:
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