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General help.....Losing my mind

02.12.2019 11:56 #1
Registered User
I made the switch to EE on friday

currently there's a prepaid metre at the house and the one time I topped up I did through sse airt.

I'm 4 weeks in this house as a houseowner.   

EE told me on friday to ring sse on monday and get a deactivation code from sse.

I have been on to both providers 4 times since 9.30 and and losing if I'm being honest

So far the excuses/dept i've been put through at sse are.....

1.  You have to ring EE and get a change of supplier code
2. we have the code but can only give the code to panda or (Forget the other provider) 
3. you have to go through home move to get your name put on the property, it takes 14 days?
4. EE installed the metre so it is their so you must get the code from them 

EE assure me they have nothing to do with it 

At this stage I am at the end of my tether, the switch has gone through and EE are waiting on the code

so I have just topped up using sse to get the power put back on through sse so surely this means they have the code

are they playing hardball or do they not know what they are at. 

I'm so frustated right now that I don't know what to do next....speak to a manager?   

its a pity they dont have a talk to option on here. 
02.12.2019 13:56 #2
Verified representative
Hi mailburner,

Thanks for choosing Electric Ireland.

In this scenario, the meter from the other provider needs to be topped up until when (or shortly after) the new company starts providing the supply.

The deactivation code will not be available to the PAYG meter provider until the above commences. It seems like that has not commenced yet. It may be a bit soon, as it is only one working day since you switched. It can take longer than this.

We recommend checking with the other provider again tomorow, to see whether they have received the deactivation code which will automatically become available to them once Electric Ireland send them the message that they are providing the supply.

The meter will have to be topped up until the deactivation code is inputted - even if Electric Ireland has already started supplying the property. So if you end up topping up by more than you need, you can request a refund from the PAYG provider.

Let us know if you have further queries.

Kind regards,
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