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Charged early termination fee in error

27.11.2019 14:52 #1
I switched from EI at the end of October and was subsequently charged a €50 early termination fee, this was then applied against my final bill and my account is now €11 in credit. 

Can you return this to me as quickly as you took it?

I'd also like to know why I was charged this fee when I was already out of contract, a fact confirmed by your customer service department before I switched and after. Nor did I receive advance notice of the Direct Debit, which afaik is a requirement of the Direct Debit scheme.
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27.11.2019 16:51 #2
Verified representative
Hi Salary Negotiator,

We are so sorry that this error occurred.

We will assist further with the account details and will send you a private message for those now.

Kind regards,
05.12.2019 12:47 #3
Registered User
You have just robbed me off  €50 exit fee. I want it back now?
05.12.2019 13:03 #4
Originally posted by Delta2113
You have just robbed me off  €50 exit fee. I want it back now?

Seems to be a regular occurrence.

In my case I was told it was because the contract length had been set to 13 months in error which seems strange as I doubt EI have 13 month contracts.

Money was refunded easily enough.
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05.12.2019 15:02 #5
Registered User
Any agent free that I can send my details about being charged an exit fee?

05.12.2019 16:45 #6
Verified representative
Hi Delta2113,

We are so sorry about the error.

We have sent you a private message.

Kind regards,
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05.12.2019 17:32 #7
Registered User
PM sent -thanks Una.
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