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New Customer - query on Night Meter and Google Nest Thermostat

13.11.2019 13:15 #1
Registered User
Hi there, 

I am moving to Electric Ireland, switch via requested on 9 Nov.

Received email saying it would take up to 4 weeks for the switch to happen and receive an account number.

Will it take that long?

Id like to order a night Meter and also order a Google Nest Thermostat. Do I need my account fully set up to so this?

13.11.2019 13:38 #2
Verified representative
Hi Genghis,

Thanks for choosing Electric Ireland.

Four weeks is the absolute maximum for the switch to complete - it usually takes significantly less time than that.

Supply is not affected. The billing from Electric Ireland will be back-dated to commence as of the date you switched, and the meter-reading(s) with which you switched. Your closing bill from the other provider will just be for usage and charges up to the date upon which you switched away.

It is necessary to wait until your account is created to avail of the Nest offer.

With regard to the NightSaver meter, it is advised to be certain that maximum value will be obtained from it (i.e. significant consumption during the night rate hours, which are 11pm until 8am between late October and late March; midnight to 9am between late March and late October) as the day rate is higher than the 24-hour rate, and the standing charge is higher than that of a 24-hour meter also. However the night rate is very low-cost. Typical scenarios to which the day/night meter is well suited include night storage heaters and charging an electric vehicle during the night.

There is no cost to change from 24-hour electricity to day/night electricity. We must advise however that there is a charge of approximately €200 (from ESB Networks, no matter which billing company the customer is registered with) to change back from day/night to 24-hour.

Should the above be right for you, when your registration is complete, request the change from 24-hour meter to day/night meter by telephoning Electric Ireland Customer Service on 1850 372 372 or 01 8529534. They will send the order through to ESB Networks. They are available until 8pm Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays).

Any further queries, do let us know.

Kind regards,
Last edited by Electric Ireland: Una: 13.11.2019 at 13:59.
18.11.2019 18:52 #3
Registered User
My wife tells me she has been missing calls from the old provider.  Is part of the delay here to allow them time to retain us?  I hope not, we made a decision to move and we honestly thought it would be similar to porting a phone number, is a day or two.

So far we have had 3 calls from the provider we want to leave and nothing from Electric Ireland!
19.11.2019 08:48 #4
Hi Genghis,

Thanks for getting back to us.

A change of supplier can take up to 20 working days to fully complete. It may still be in progress or it could relate to the final bill.

We can check if your switch has gone through or if it is in progress.

We require the following details via private message:

- Your name as it appears on the account
- The MPRN (electricity) or GPRN (gas)
- The address
- The contact number
- Confirmation that you are the account holder (Yes/No)

Kind regards,
Last edited by Electric Ireland: Aoife: 19.11.2019 at 08:57.
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