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Connecting a new build

10.11.2019 06:33 #1
Handover of my new house from the builder to me will take place in late January 2020. 
I will be in Ireland during the week of the handover, but generally I live abroad.

I have three questions relating to setting up an Electric Ireland account immediately post-handover. The account would be electricity only.
  • During the week of the handover, how can I quickly and efficiently open up an Electric Ireland account in my name? What types of documents etc are required? The account should be up and running before I leave Ireland again. 
  • Because I don't live in Ireland, I will not be able to give regular meter readings. How can I avoid unrealistic estimates during the various billing periods?
  • How does Electric Ireland compare with Airtricity?

11.11.2019 10:05 #2
Verified representative
Hi Tomalak,

Thanks for getting in touch.

On the date you assume ownership, contact ESB Networks on 1850 372 757 for arrangement of your connection. The address may be all that is required - ESB Networks may receive other information from the builder. They can advise you further in this regard if you contact them before then.

Following this, contact the provider you wish to register with. Electric Ireland Sales can be contacted on 1850 30 50 90 to register you, set up direct debit and apply savings. To compare with another provider, email them beforehand should you wish, on

Once the meter is accessible, ESB Networks will read it for four out of the six annual bills.

If you have further queries before proceeding, please let us know.

Kind regards,
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