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My father moved to Energis as a result of a visit by a door to door salesman and wamt

02.12.2019 21:51 #16
Registered User
Originally posted by tuxy
Is it not cheaper to switch company every 12 months?
Most seem to offer a cheaper introductory price that lasts 12 months. 


This is probably a good strategy for most people, however, as he has the household package it appears that his bill has gone up 60 euro every 2 months.

Sadly he is not in a position to understand if I got the household allowance paid into his current account.
02.12.2019 21:53 #17
Registered User
IT might be a good marketing ploy for electric Ireland to remind elderly customers who are on the household packages who move to another provider also have to make allowances  for the transfer of their household package. 
03.12.2019 08:28 #18
Originally posted by dingding

Hi Aoife,

He was past the cooling-off period so I have applied to transfer to Electric Ireland.

When Electric Ireland confirm the account number, I will then go to dept. of social protection to get the allowance reinstated,

He will probably lose a couple of months of his electricity allowance and he will also probably have to pay an exit fee to Energia.

I have raised his treatment as a complaint with Energia and if not resolved I will take to the regulator.

Many thanks.

Hi dingding,

Thank you for getting back to us.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Kind regards, 
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