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03.11.2019 19:44 #1
Hi guys,
I'm looking to get a quote after being absent from driving for more than 2 years. 
This was due my vehicle being involved in hijacking and court proceedings which took until November 2018. 
The case is very complicated but in short words, drunk guy got into our car while parked for 2 minutes for food collection from local takeaway.
We have ended up with court case against this man and MIBI - he was uninsured. Beacuse my insurance company was also involved in this matter, I also was defendant for purpose of legal strategy of our solicitors: our son, minor represented by his mother - my partner was sueing me for trauma. This sounds akward but that was the way to get insurance company involved as they part with MIBI to pay compensation. In the meantime, we have asked solicitors to withdraw my name from the claim as I could not get any quote, neither Insurance Ireland was any help after I sent them 3 refusal letters from other insurance companies. And we got stuck for good. Court proceedings caused my name to appear again as the defendant since it was not clear if me leaving the key in the ingnition was the factor. Eventually judge has ruled this out and in November last year we were free to look for a quote. Unfortunately my no claims bonus was gone. The incident took place in July 2014. I was driving until April 2016 when my last renewal was due. I had to notify insurer that there is ongoing claim on my policy. Year after incident, I was quoted better premium with different brokers and when renewing with them in 2016, they declined renewal. I don't know if that make any sense to you but this is the simplest way of describing our situation. 
I just would like to know if there is any possibility that you could recognise my expired NCB ifI was looking for a quote with you?
My best regards
04.11.2019 10:30 #2
Hi Filip, unfortunately we would only accept No Claims Discounts earned within the last 2 years, anything over this would be invalid. If you wish to obtain a quotation our best price can be sought online at the below link. Kim      

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