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This is very unfair on a customer of over 20 years

08.11.2019 14:22 #1
In October I had a technical issue with my Sky TV. This was resolved over the phone. The man on the helpline said he could save me money on my Netflix subscription by doing this directly with Sky.
At the end of a long conversation, where we were moving my Netflix account to Sky & removing kid’s channels to save money, it turned out he was wrong & couldn’t save money on Netflix.
He told me the package I was on was a very old package (I’m with sky over 20 years.)
I was sent a Sky offer on the 16/10/19 by email
I was paying €102 for all these channels including the kid’s channels
The new contract discounted for 1 year is €102 (- €5) without the kid’s channels
On the 16th I emailed sky in reply to this e mail & stated I want to stay on my existing contract.
I realized yesterday that the Kids channels were gone.
I Phone sky 08/11/2019 explained I’d emailed them that I didn’t want my package changed. I was told that the package I was on previously is no longer available so I can’t change back. I was also told the cooling off period didn’t work in this case, despite it being in their email.
My options were to cancel sky completely
Add the kid’s channels to the new package for €8 per month
So, my package of €102 would now be €110 for the exact same package
He said he or his manager could not do anything.
I suggested that I didn’t care what the package was called & that as long as I had the same channels for the same price, I would be happy. Again, he insisted there was nothing they could do.
I expressed my disappointment at being treaded in this way as a customer of over 20 years.
08.11.2019 15:12 #2
Hi Lods1969,

Thanks for the post. Can you PM us with you contact details to Sky Ireland: Reps and we can access your account.

08.11.2019 18:26 #3
I sent you a PM with the details
08.11.2019 18:52 #4
Registered User
Cancel Sky & you will be transferred to the retention department. Here you will be offered kids channels for free. If you hold out they will reduce the cost of the package too
08.11.2019 20:39 #5
Originally posted by Lods1969
I sent you a PM with the details

The reps finish at 5 and aren't online at the weekends so it could well be Monday afternoon next before your PM is read.
08.11.2019 22:20 #6
Registered User
Funny how these mistakes never end up costing less.
08.11.2019 22:29 #7
Registered User
If you think anyone at Sly give a flying fûck about any customer you are sorely mistaken! They want your money and nothing else!
The best move I ever made a couple of years ago was ditching them, and that was after being a long standing customer!
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11.11.2019 13:04 #8
Verified representative
Originally posted by Lods1969
I sent you a PM with the details

Hi Lods1969,

Thanks for getting back in touch with us.

We will pick up your PM this afternoon and contact you directly.

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