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Applied for a loan 1 month ago.. Still no update

06.11.2019 17:23 #1
Registered User
Applied for a personal loan 1 month ago.. Still hasn't been approved. When I call through the guys on the phone say they can't tell me anything as it's with the underwriters. When I send emails - I get the reply "your email will be actioned with 48 hours"... it is never actioned.

Been waiting to buy my new car and get back on the road for 3 weeks now, guess I should just cancel at this point and go with AIB with the slightly higher apr... Hard for me to understand how AIB say they can approve loans in 3 hours... but KBC have taken a month with no progress...?
08.11.2019 11:00 #2
Registered User
Best advice would be to ring them again. If no joy then you should consider another bank.

Reps here are not always online & won't be able to say if you got approved.

Also look at other threads eg
08.11.2019 12:47 #3
Verified representative
Hi Teelas,


Thank you for your recent message.

I do apologise that you have not received an update on the loan application.

If you would like to DM me your contact number and I will arrange a call back from the personal loans team.


Thank you,

11.11.2019 14:31 #4
Registered User
The loan was not approved I finally found out. I've been away in Thailand so I missed a call last week. I asked on Thursday evening irish time for a call back on a lycamobile number that works here... Monday 2pm irish time .. still no call back.

Since you simply would not reply by email and the chat service you offer is basically not of any use for loans, I bought some international calls and called in to find it was not approved. You could have just emailed me last week saying this. How on earth are you breaching gdpr by giving a yes or no answer over a registered email. How is an email that much different that a phone call for something so simple. It's definitely not a breach of gdpr I work in IT, but hey waste your own and everyone elses time sure.

I applied to AIB for the same loan just now, online, no phone calls required, 5 minutes it was approved. I clicked through about 3 pages and the money was in my account.... I mean..... Fair enough my wages get paid into this account. But the difference in time in effort is insane.

It makes sense now that you are offering such low rates because you cannot actually get the rate... I literally provided everything that was asked of me; went to the car dealership got car loan quote, needed to be on headed paper - went back got a new quote on headed paper (2 x 1 hour drives), need recent bank statments twice, took so long needed new bank statments of the latest month. Each time you requested something you took at least a week to reply, even though 3 days max was promised. Refusing to email simple updates on the application. (AIB emailed me immediatly that my loan was approved ..  Are they breaching gdpr too ...? (NO.)).
AIB didn't even need the car loan or anything.. they just approved it... Should have went with them 2 months ago.

This was a truly monumental waste of time dealing with KBC. Absolutely the worst service I've ever dealt with anywhere. It was basically 2 months of work as I had to upgrade to a different current account first which took literally weeks. Absolutely mind blowing. 
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