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Last Week's Top Five Queries (14.10.2019 - 20.10.2019)

21.10.2019 12:35 #1
1. I’m still waiting on my connection to be completed. What can I do?
If you have applied, and paid in full, for your new connection offer and are wondering when the works will take place, please confirm the following and we can follow up:

- Your name;
- Full address;
- Application Reference number; and
- Contact number.

2. I want to move the manhole on my property, which the county council says is private property. What do I do?

If you wish to move the private wastewater pipe and manhole cover to facilitate this extension, you can get in contact with our New Connections Team by submitting a Pre-connection Enquiry form with any questions you may have on our website here.

3. Where can I find the maps of the sewer network for my area?

Please contact the planning department in your Local Authority who will have record of these.

4.  There is a sewer overflowing in my area, can you look into this?

Please send the exact location of this incident, how long it has occurred, your name and contact number by private message and we can follow up.

Alternatively, please call us on 1850 278 278 and a member of our team will send this for investigation with a matter of urgency.

5. There were works taking place outside my property recently and there were barriers left behind, can these please be removed?

Please send the following details and we can follow up on this matter for you:

- Name;
- Address;
- Contact number; and
- The date of the works that took place.
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