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GoMo - Much better offer than TM's current offering?

15.10.2019 20:39 #1
Registered User

I had been considering moving from my older TM PAYG plan to the 4G offering but my €15 per 30 days and keep your credit is much better for my needs than the newer TM 4G offering, where you lose your credit.

Now today I read about Eir's 4G offering of €9.99/month for 80GB/month, calls AND texts.  That is a much better offer than TM's current offer. 

I wonder how/if TM will improve their offer to entice us to stay? 
16.10.2019 18:03 #2
Well, from 1st December 2019, calls to any 1850,1890,0818 and 076 number willcost the same as a landlin number. As this is a regulatory change, you get no right to cancel your contract.
17.10.2019 11:31 #3
Registered User
I thought nothing would pry me away from TM as I've a really old tariff of €10/month which is essentially free cause of Tesco clubcard vouchers. Couldn't let GoMo pass however as it's 80x the data I've got currently! Luckily I've a dual SIM phone so currently have their data service. Will take me ~9 months to run down the credit on my TM account!
17.10.2019 14:23 #4
TM would certainly need to 'up their game', they have fallen way behind the competition at this stage IMO.

Myself, herself and two of our kids have already signed up to GoMo.
26.10.2019 15:01 #5
Registered User
all other networks will suffer badly because of GoMo , they have raised the bar here and about time too
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