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09.10.2019 22:05 #1
Registered User
I previously had an account with SKY and I'm looking to come back.
However my Sky ID was a mess before and apparently still is so I would appreciate if someone can please clean this up for me once and for all or I won't be bothered coming back.
So my old account used an old email address, the account seems to be still active and when I log into it, it has all my details and I try and change the email to my current one but it will not allow me and just says there is an error.
So my new email was also registered as a sky ID.  probably by myself at some stage in confusion when I had an active account trying to log in sometime.
Anyway, so i try log in under my new email address and it will not allow me. I choose the option of forgotten password and get this message "We were unable to identify you. Please check and re-enter or follow the "Forgotten your username?" link."
I recall trying to fix all this up before but i got no help at all.

I do not have access anymore to the old email address.

I haven't had an active account in well over 2 years, so surely it should be no longer in your system.  Can we just wipe everything and start again?
09.10.2019 22:15 #2
Registered User
actually i just sent a pm to sky reps
10.10.2019 15:01 #3
Verified representative
Hi Seve OB,

Thank you for you PM and for taking my call.

Please PM again if you need any further assistance with singing up again with Sky. :)

All the best,

10.10.2019 15:33 #4
Registered User
thanks Gerry
hopefully it will work out,
i'll try again over the weekend and let you know
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